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Child Safe Christmas Tree

$19.97 $39.99
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Get the kids into the holiday spirit with Our Child Safe Felt Christmas Tree. Features easy-to-stick felt ornaments allowing your kids a safe and hassle-free way to express their creativity and love for the holidays!
Christmas tree demonstration
✅THEIR OWN TREE - This 3D standing felt Christmas tree is large enough for children of all ages to enjoy and decorate this Christmas.

✅ STURDY & SAFE - Your tree is stable and collapsible, safe and robust. Simple with infinite ways to allow children to actively use their imagination.

✅ALTERNATIVE - Christmas tree for the little ones! Our brilliant child-friendly Christmas trees distract your little ones from playing with the right tree.

✅CONNECTION BUILDING ACTIVITY - Also for the whole family to call during the holiday season with this cute addition to your home. Or for a surprise Christmas morning.

✅WORTH -The Christmas gift for children is a collapsible package. For example, you can use an iron to avoid wrinkles and perfect the wood. The high quality felt is durable, you can use it for years and enjoy the time with your children.
  • How does the tree stick to wall? You can use a small nail or double sided tape of some sort
  • Do the ornaments stick to the tree with Velcro? Yes, Velcro is used on the tree and ornaments. Once the ornaments are on the tree you can’t see the Velcro. 
  • Is the Velcro on both sides of the Christmas tree? No, only one side.
  • 1 Felt Christmas tree
  • 25 different colored ornaments
  • Size: (37.5 "* 27.5" * 27.5 ")100 cm * 60 cm
  • Material: Felt